Monthly Insights: December 2018

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Executive Summary ·        After sounding increasingly hawkish since its September meeting, the US Fed has come to the realisation that it may need to reassess its policy tools, and its tightening strategy. While domestic macroeconomic data remain upbeat, cracks have started to emerge in the form of a slowdown in business capex spending, tighter global [...]

Daily Market Commentary: 4 December 2018

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Today we are taking a look at: The local bond market will keep a close eye on South African GDP for Q3:18 due for release this morning Eskom continues to falter in its only purpose Oil prices extend strong gains from the previous day amid expected OPEC-led supply cuts and a mandated reduction in Canadian [...]

Daily Market Commentary: 14 November 2018

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Today we are taking a look at: SAGB yields climb higher as USDZAR weakens, recovers somewhat in the afternoon session FX markets hold steady ahead of US CPI data; USDZAR remains on the back foot, EM FX vulnerable Brent posts sharp decline, to $65/bbl.; Gold range-bound Reports that trade talks had resumed between the US [...]

Daily Market Commentary: 10 September 2018

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Today we are taking a look at: Locals yields open higher, risk-off likely to drive markets today Focus in the FX market shifts back to local politics, dollar upbeat after strong payrolls data Gold declines as US dollar strengthens; Brent upbeat on concerns over supply shortages S&P retreats after trade tensions escalate; European equities downbeat [...]

Monthly Insights: July 2018

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  Executive Summary ·        SA GDP came out even worse than the worst estimate in the analyst poll in 1Q18. GDP contracted by 2.2% q/q SAAR, from 3.1% growth in the previous quarter, worse than consensus of -0.5%. This was the worst quarterly print since 1Q09. All industries, sectors and expenditure items deteriorated other than government and [...]