SA needs a collaborative, proactive approach to sustainable water resilience

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By Brad Pearse; Principal - Private Equity: Nedbank CIB The decent rains that have fallen in the Western Cape in recent months have helped to push out the feared ‘Day Zero’ and alleviated the immediate water access concerns of residents in the region. However, while they brought much needed short-term relief, the increasingly intermittent nature [...]

Disruptive technology – a different take on how you can “bank on disruption”

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With today’s Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) combining to facilitate disruptive technologies in more and more industries, traditional industry has found itself left with one of two options – adapt or die. Simply put, IoT is the concept of linking any gadget to the internet to facilitate the exchange of data both [...]

To deliver the full benefits of big data, agriculture stakeholders need to take small steps

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By Zhann Meyer; Head of Agricultural Commodities: Nedbank CIB   While big data and digital innovation is most certainly playing a part in revolutionising agriculture across the globe, the diversity and complexity of the farming landscape in Africa means that the disruption is likely to take place at a much slower pace on this continent [...]

From funders to partners: The changing face of commercial agri-finance in SA

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  By Zhann Meyer; Head: Agricultural Commodities at Nedbank CIB   Over the past three decades, the South African agriculture financing landscape has undergone some significant shifts, the two most apparent of which have been the massive growth in the overall need for farm funding and a change in focus by some of the country’s [...]

The imperative for integrated, inclusive African infrastructure development

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By Mike Peo, Head of Infrastructure, Energy and Telecommunications: Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking One of the major hurdles Africa continues to experience in terms of achieving its full potential is the continent’s lack of large-scale infrastructure development. While many could (and do) argue about what aspects of infrastructure development in Africa require the most [...]

SA farmers must embrace the new, water-constrained normal

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As the impact of an extended period of drought across much of South Africa and the Southern African Region continues to be felt, the realisation is setting in amongst both commercial and small-scale farmers that a water-constrained environment is no longer a short-term challenge; but could in fact become their new normal.   While this [...]