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Nedbank partners with WhereIsMyTransport to raise US$7.5m funding for sustainable urban mobility

By | 2020-03-27T09:28:15+02:00 March 25th, 2020|Investment Banking, Sustainable Business|

Effective and accessible mobility solutions are recognised as a key driver of social, political, and economic growth. However, in the vast majority of emerging economies, a lack of reliable and affordable formal public transport continues to limit access to opportunities for billions of people. WhereIsMyTransport is working to address this challenge by merging data and [...]

Tax and forex in Africa: A property investor’s perspective

By | 2020-03-16T12:47:46+02:00 January 14th, 2020|Investment Banking, Sustainable Business|

By Gerhard Zeelie; Head of Property Finance Africa: Nedbank CIB A combination of recent political volatility, regulatory uncertainty and slow economic growth in South Africa has meant that many property investors have felt the need to look for opportunities elsewhere in the world to bolster their portfolios while waiting for the country's recovery to gain [...]