When it comes to the current and future impacts of Covid-19 on global aviation, every airline is different

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By James Geldenhuys; Head of Aircraft Finance: Nedbank CIB The widespread lockdown response to Covid-19 has meant that the vast majority of aircraft of all shapes and sizes have effectively been grounded. But while the immediate impact of operational shutdowns has been felt by every airline in the world, the long-term repercussions of the pandemic [...]

The African aviation industry is still growing

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By James Geldenhuys, Head of Aircraft Finance; Nedbank CIB Africa comprises 2.2%* of the global market in terms of Revenue Passenger Kilometers (RPK), which measures actual passenger traffic. This might be a small number on a global scale but is certainly substantial on its own.  According to Boeing’s recent Market Outlook, 1190 new aircraft with [...]

Strategy still more important than fuel efficiency when acquiring aircraft

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By James Geldenhuys, Head: Aircraft Finance at Nedbank Corporate and Investment Banking For any business, acquiring a high value asset typically involves much deliberation and challenging choices. When your business is an airline and the asset is an aircraft that is vital to your continued operations - but comes with a hefty price tag of anything up [...]