Wrap-up video for #TheDisruptionAgenda

By | 2018-10-26T13:48:10+00:00 October 26th, 2018|Innovative Disruption, Watch This| Watch the wrap-up video detailing this world-first event, The Disruption Agenda. Nedbank recently hosted The Disruption Agenda together with Silicon Valley’s Plug and Play - a disruption first for the continent. The aim of the event was to simplify how leading corporates connect to world-class startups. The event brought 10 visionary innovators [...]

Leading disruptors don’t find new ways of doing things; they find new things to do.

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By Stuart van der Veen; Nedbank CIB Head: Disruption and Innovation For decades, strategy and an associated positioning have been seen as the key means by which any business could successfully differentiate itself from its competitors. Business experts would typically spend thousands of hours analysing the past, assessing the present and trying to predict the [...]

Disruption success isn’t so much about how you approach it; just that you do.

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  By Stuart van der Veen; Head of  Disruption & Innovation: Nedbank CIB and Janade du Plessis; Head of Principal & Alternative Investment: Nedbank CIB While the initial response by large corporations to innovative and technological disruption largely focused on the wholesale acquisition of new industry entrants, this is not a sustainable approach. As new [...]

Disruptive technology – a different take on how you can “bank on disruption”

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With today’s Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) combining to facilitate disruptive technologies in more and more industries, traditional industry has found itself left with one of two options – adapt or die. Simply put, IoT is the concept of linking any gadget to the internet to facilitate the exchange of data both [...]

How digital opportunity is reshaping SA’s shopping centres

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Byline: Bronwen Noble In the fiercely competitive South African retail environment, technology is a game-changer for shopping centres. Online shopping was initially tipped to be a cruel competitor for bricks-and-mortar retail, luring customers and their spend away from malls. Yet shopping centres remain the first port of call for most South African shoppers, and in [...]

Daily Market Commentary: 4 July 2017

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Today we are taking a look at: USTs off so risk trades weaker at the margin in the Asian open; SAGBs unchanged; EM should still struggle this week as we move into holiday season with core rates trading poorly Rand continues to weaken Gold continues to edge lower on the back of a stronger dollar; [...]